Friday, April 30, 2010


Other than singing about marching to Zion, I really wasn't sure whether Zion was a place or what. So I pulled out the trusty Nelson's Bible Dictionary and looked it up. First, Zion was the name of a fortress. Then the name Zion was associated not only with the fortress but the hill on which the fortress stood. When Solomon built the temple on Mount Moriah and moved the Ark of the Covenant there, the name Zion expanded to include the Temple and the Temple area. It was a short "trip" for the name to include the city of Jerusalem, then the land of Judah, then the people of Israel as a whole.

In the New Testament Zion has been given the Christian meaning of God's spiritual kingdom, the church of God, the heavenly Jerusalem.

Is it too much of a stretch to think that God started with Abraham, then expanded to Abraham's family, the nation of Israel as His chosen people, then adopted the rest of us into that family? The word Zion has taken on a whole new meaning.


Gregg said...

Glad you took the time to research a very special word and share it with us!

arlee bird said...

What an appropriate end you found for the A to Z Challenge--Abraham to Zion! Very symbolic. Zion is the place of hope -- our destination.

Thank you for staying through the Challenge until the end. You did a great job. Hope you will have something for us on Monday.

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chris weigand said...

Cool, I saw Zion but thought that would be too easy so I went with the other three. So glad I passed because you did it much better justice than I could.

Wanda said...

A good z-pick Linda. I wasn't aware of all the meanings of Zion. Here's the website address I found my blog template:

There's lost of pretty designs.

Tori Cooper said...

Congratulations of finishing the challenge! I didn't know that about Zion- enjoying the mini lesson! :-D