Saturday, May 1, 2010


My beautiful niece is in the market for her first car. Thinking about her car hunt brought back memories of my first few vehicles. The first car I had access to was a 1962 Chevy station wagon similar to the one on the right. Ours was gold. I got my driver's license a year before my friend Nancy who lived across the street. We were thrilled that one day a week I could have the wagon to drive to school. It meant that mother could not go anywhere that day, so the sacrafice was hers. When Nancy got her license the following year, she was allowed to drive her mother's Oldsmobile 98 to school one day a week. That meant that 2 days a week we could drive our "own" cars! Oh, the bliss!

After my first year of college, (no, I was not allowed to take a car to school my freshman year) daddy helped me find my own first car - a 1967 Pontiac LeMans. It was darker than the one pictured, and had a black vinyl roof and a white leather interior. It was something - I was crazy about that car - until some girl ran a stop sign, hit me broadside, and totaled my car.

Then the real love of my life entered the picture: a pale yellow 1969 Mustang! Best car ever! Same color as the car in the picture but did not have the intake on the hood. It was actually pretty basic. But it was a wonderful car! Black leather interior. It was not a big engine or anything like that, but it was mine. DH never loved that car like I did. Eventually we were transferred overseas and taking a '69 Mustang was not part of the deal. I have since looked for a '69 Mustang to purchase but apparently they are pretty rare - and honestly I guess I am not looking that hard.
So, sweet niece, your car is out there. And I hope you have as much fun, laughter, and good memories as I do of the gold wagon, the LeMans, and my dear lovely Mustang!


Bud Ezekiel H. said...

i'm sure we can/could find "our first car." then again we'd be paying three times the original price for it as well:)

Ellie said...

Sweet! We have been talking cars this weekend! Fun post~

Tori Cooper said...

I just awarded you with the "Sunshine Award" you can pick it up here:

Cat said...

Please tell me that is NOT what your first car looked like. Wow. Kids now would probably sit home before driving that. I think she needs the mustang. Thank you for not making me drive a station wagon!