Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first favorite house

I actually had two favorite houses from the home tour.  This is the first house we visited.  It is under restoration, not to be confused with renovation.  It is being stripped back to the beginning and restored the way it was built.  Fascinating.  The walls were lath and plaster.  The plaster was taken off the walls and the lath that had deteriorated is being replaced.  With the plaster torn off, it was easy to see how well made the house was!  The old floors are being restored as well.  The original bathroom fixtures are still in the house and hopefully will be used - they are beautiful! The basement (yes, a basement in Texas!) is being finished out as well.  Oh and the windows - double hung wood windows with ropes and weights to open and close them!  Too cool!  I could move into this house so easily. . .

Oh Bud, by the way, there were no snacks on our 2 hour walk.  And we had forgotten to grab water bottles!  Thankfully as we went through the houses some had water for us.  We had eaten at a Vegan restaurant - though neither of us is even vegetarian.  It was quite good - we knew that neither of our respective husbands would ever agree to try a vegan place - and we liked it.

I wonder what stories this house could tell.  Even more interesting was the quality of the old building.  Is there something to be learned?  If all the "pretty stuff" (plaster) was stripped from my life, would there be quality underneath?  Is there a solid structure?  Not by anything I have done - but only because my Savior is the quality.  He is the solid structure.

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Bud Ezekiel H. said...

hi Linda!

that house is nearly identical to my brother's house! his roof though is slate and i couldn't tell what it was here in yours. but i couldn't belive how close it was to his! porch, columns, front steps, bedroom over the porch. they also replaced the plaster and lathe too. the house needed insulating!

a vegan restaurant, eh? long as they have bread and butter, i'd be happy:)