Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life, Laugh, Love

Uppercase Living is a company that sells wall letter art. A friend had a show, I loved this expression, and in almost no time and with some help from Caylin, I had wall art! It is a perfect fit for that little section of wall where nothing else seemed to work so well. The items from Uppercase Living can be customized with many color choices. It is fun! I like this expression 'cause it is a good reminder how to live life. Soon after my father passed away (in 1976) Mother made the comment about how she would miss him - "He was just so much fun." That has stayed with me more than any other memory of that sad time - it is something I hope my children can say one day.


Stay-cation was a term we learned while Catherine and I were on a stay-cation. This refers to staying where you live but not at home. Cat and I took a weekend and checked into the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff, a boutique hotel that is so fabulous. We felt like we were truly away. We had to walk up a hill then down another hill to eat at the wonderful Cliff Cafe. The hotel and our room has a view of Downtown Dallas that is wonderful day and night. We spent the weekend crafting. Catherine's pictures are included. I worked on knitting projects which are not completed as quickly as Cat's cards, decorations, and jewelry. Knitting will be posted to the appropriate blog later. Surprising, having grown up in Dallas, we never visited the Oak Cliff area much. This is a beautiful part of the city - classic older homes on tree lined streets. We drove through the Bishop Arts District - we are saving the exploration of that area for another trip with Don and Mike.