Sunday, May 2, 2010

AmaZing Month - Blogging from A-Z

I accidentally fell into the A-Z challenge. It sounded like fun - sounded interesting. It wasn't intimidating at first - ignorance is bliss. Then I realized it was a challenge for writers! Real writers! Oh my! What was I doing here? Sheer stubbornness kept me going. I hate quitting!

It was a real surprise to find that I really enjoyed the writing! The words I chose were whatever came to mind for that letter on the day of the posting, or maybe the day before. Not a lot of advance thought - very random and spur of the moment.

What I did not expect from this challenge, the real blessing behind it all, were the new friends I have made. Wanda, Ellie, Bud, Lee, Sock Monkey, Dee the Red Head, Chris, Dragon's Muse, Shannon, Gregg, Stacey, Lorena, Grammie, and Tori. Our bond of Jesus is so strong - it was a joy to log in each day and see what the gang had written and what I would learn that day. Their wisdom challenged me to think about what a word meant - how the meaning or the story affected my life and the lives of others. I am actually going to miss the every day writing though every day checking on the gang will continue!

Now this thought is taking hold. Have you seen the "journals" where someone would write memories to pass on to their children and grandchildren? I generally do not care for the format of the pre-made journals. What if I wrote those memories from A-Z? Sounds more interesting than "What did you do in 1968?" There might be more than one word for a letter - but who cares - it would be fun! So gang, what do you think?

Will I blog more? Probably. Definitely with more confidence and greater anticipation of visiting with the gang.



I think you speak for many people, the A to Z has put blogging into a different perspective.
Loved your post, they were a privilege to read.
Take care.

Gregg said...

I am so glad to have met you on this journey. Thank you for all your comments. I will think heavily upon what you suggested. I will be following!

Shannon said...

That journal idea is a good one, I will have to think on it! Glad to have met you friend :) I will be by to visit as often as I can!

arlee bird said...

Journaling from A to Z? Do I understand the concept correctly? Life doesn't happen alphabetically, but according to my own philosophy that I had about the A to Z Challenge anything can be made to conform to the alphabet. I'll look for you to post more about your idea.

I am so glad you were with us and didn't give up. You are a fine writer and randomness and spur of the moment was kind of what the challenge was about. I'm still interested in you writing a book about something you learned during the challenge. Let us know when that starts coming into being.

Thanks, Linda!
Tossing It Out

Bud Ezekiel H. said...

hi Linda:) you've done terriffic in this challenge and i'm pleased our paths have come together. i've been kicking around the idea of writing another A to "the proverbial river." based upon my life. trying to decide wether to start it in my current blog or start another new blog altogether. i'm leaning torwards the latter option. the way i figure...the Lord will bring Whom He wills to read it:) in any case, "we" will continue on along this path together, sis!:) thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

Raquel Byrnes said...

That actually sounds quite nice. If you throw in some pictures, you'd be sort of virtual scrapbooking. =)

Beth said...

Hi Linda!

There seem to be a couple of blogs that I didn't find until today (including yours). I'm sorry because I think I would have enjoyed getting to know you through the Challenge. We'll just have to get to know each other now! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm still amazed at how many bloggers participated - and how many I missed last month!

Wanda said...

Journaling A to Z is an interesting concept. I enjoyed reading your posts and appreciate your support. I have something special for you over at my place

Melody said...

I agree with all that you wrote. I didn't realize at first I was joining such a community of writers either. :) I'm so glad that I joined in though (and glad that you did as well!) Melody @ melodygreen dot wordpress dot com (OpenID isn't working so well for me today!)

Tori Cooper said...

I think that would be good- especially if you take your time... no pressure and like you have previously written- use the opportunity to write a memoir for your children... but A to Z... :-)

Tori Cooper said...

P.S. Don't forget to pick up your award!

Grammy said...

Hey, Linda,
I'm so glad I got to meet you, too. I will be reading your postings as often as I can. I am so happy to have met so many new friends this past month. Yes, for me blogging has been writing a lot about my past so that family will have those memories after I am gone. I am the last one left in my present generation of my siblings, so I am basically the "memory Keeper". It is a huge responsibility, and I take it seriously. Things that are happening to you each day will be recorded if you write it down. A lot of things are forgotten if not written down.
Best regards to you, friend. I will be back.

Ellie said...

Hi Linda,
Interesting idea..i know when I jumped in, i had to catch up quick.
I can think of other words I would have chosen. You are so inspiring and I enjoyed you being part of this
challenge. Thanks for all your visits! Keep writing~

Wanda said...

You're it...I've tagged you, if you like to participate.