Thursday, May 27, 2010

What If???????

Friend Wanda over at Watered Soul participated in this simple list of Ifs.  I like it and want to play too!   You play along as well on your blog:

IF I were a month, it would be October:  love the colors and cool days, still mixed with warm.  And no    allergies in October!

IF I were a day, it would be Monday:  Get to move slow and line up the week

IF I were a time of day, it would be early!: Love the freshness and quiet of the morning

IF I were a season, definitely fall:  See month above.

IF I were a planet, definitely earth:  Not sure about living on the others!

IF I were a direction, it would be up:  It speaks to the possibilities!

IF I were a tree, I would be a cedar elm:  I like them.

IF I were an animal, I would be a daschund puppy

IF I were a musical instrument, I would be a piano 'cause that is what I want to play.

IF I were a fruit, probably watermelon - my favorite summer treat.

IF I were a food, definitely filet steak!

IF I were a color, green.  It soothes me.

IF I were a book, it would be a journal to write down things I love.

IF I were a song, it would be Dave Crowder's song I can't remember the name of

IF I were a movie, I would want to be an extra in "Spitfire Grill"

IF I were a flower, I would want to be a yellow rose of Texas

IF I were a facial expression, let it be a smile to bring joy to others.

Now it is your turn!


Wanda said...

Glad you decided to join in. I love your answers. I see we both like early mornings.

Bud Ezekiel H. said...

this particular challenge was interesting to read HERE and in other places. must be everyone is enjoying the late days of spring, eh?:)

shoot me an e-mail at so i can send you an invite to my other blog. am posting things there not available to the open public. looking for "family" members....