Friday, April 23, 2010


Until recently, tea has gotten a bad rap in the US. Something about unfair taxation and brewing a big pot in the Boston harbor. Now tea shops are springing up everywhere and afternoon tea is offered daily in wonderful sophisticated settings. The idea of taking a moment mid-afternoon to brew a cup, maybe add a snack (low cal of course) and just sit - hoping the phone doesn't ring - well, it is calming.

This week has been crazy busy - anniversary party at work, prison ministry papers, house remodel project (see yesterday's post), work, baby, class, friend's retirement party - a moment for calm was called for and never taken.

The Bible doesn't talk about tea but it does talk about spending time in quiet, sometimes solitude, reflection - taking the time to be calm. Jesus was calm, don't you think? I want to be like Jesus.



My late husband loved his cup of tea, me? can't stand it.
I enjoyed your blog very much.
Enjoy your week-end.

Gregg said...

Very good use of the letter T with a nice tie in. You know, if our founding fathers would have taken Romans chapter 13 seriously, we probably would be drinking tea in the afternoons rather than coffee.

You are right, we need to take a few moments throught the day to take a break and "visit" our Lord. We need to recognize and renew our committment to be dependent upon him several times a day.

By the way, I was wondering, Do the folks wo work at Lipton Tea ever get a coffee break?

Raquel Byrnes said...

Something about the ceremony of preparing everything that encourages me to slow down...a die hard coffee drinker, I have tea once in a while with my daughters and they love it. Great post.

Wanda said...

Not a tea drinker but certianly time to slow down and get in tune with God is important.

Linda said...

Gregg: Don't know about the folks at Lipton!

Raquel: Right on - part of the joy of the tea is in the preparation - the steeping, the pouring of the milk or slicing the lemon - it is all soothing.

Ellie said...

Nice T post, we thought a like!
Tea is part ceremony, slowing our pace and taking a pause. Enjoy
your week-end!

Anonymous said...

Love this post... I hadn't thought about the fact that preparing tea really does take longer than coffee, and it does mean taking a bit more time. :) Maybe I should take more tea breaks...

Grammy said...

Hi, I love my morning tea and biscuits/jelly or toast/jelly. Nothing like good hot tea, is there?
Loved your post.

Tori Cooper said...

Mmm... I love tea! We all need that quiet time, drinking hot tea is a great way to spend it! Speaking of tea, I think I'm going to make me a cup about now! :-D