Monday, April 5, 2010


"Dear" is such an endearing term - something that indicates a treasure. We use it a lot in the south. I have a dear husband, dear daughters (2), a dear son, dear grandson and dear son in law. I have many dear friends. Without the dear couple pictured, none of my "dear's" would exist: my dear mother and daddy. This picture is from their wedding day - back in the day when a bride and groom dressed up to leave for their honeymoon. My dear daddy passed away in 1976. I miss him terribly - he never got to meet my children which is a huge loss to them. My dear mother passed away in 1996 after years of illness. My children do remember her and it is with fondness. I hope you have a lot of "dears" in your life.


Journaling Woman said...

One minute I think you look like your dad but then I think I see your mother in you.

A very beautiful photo.

It's the "dears" in our lives that we must focus on -the rest well- doesn't matter.

Tori Cooper said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of your parents! I always enjoying looking at older pics of people... I'm sorry to hear about your loss... Interesting way of thinking about the term of endearment we hear oh so often... "dear"! :-)