Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Have you ever heard the saying "elephant in the room"? Usually this refers to something so huge that everyone can "see" it but pretends it is not there. Like something you need to talk about. A problem maybe. With a friend, a spouse, a child. Why don't we start the conversation? Maybe we think we know how it will end - badly. Or we want to avoid confrontation. Or the status quo is easier than the change that may come. So the elephant becomes our pet. We decorate around it, feed it, try not to bump into it. It sure does take up a lot of space. How important is it to get the elephant out of the room?


Gregg said...

I love elephants at the zoo! Elephans in the room take up to much space and they are messy! Hard to pick up after them most of the time. For some reason they tread where they dont' belong and break things!

arlee bird said...

It is an awkward situation to be in for sure. I've been there and I know. In a marraige especially, what you describe can be very burdening and even lead to divorce.

I've never read this play, but I've read about it: Amedee by Eugene Ionesco is an absurdist play about a husband and wife who have difficulty discussing certain issues. In their bedroom is a corpse, which throughout the course of the play continues to grow larger and larger until at the end of the play a huge foot emerges into the living room. I think this play symbolizes the elephant in the room.
Your piece has reminded me of this play which I heard about years ago and always wanted to read.
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After reading Arlee's comment what can I say? I have never heard of that saying, so thanks to you and Arlee I have learnt something new today. Thank you.


Raquel Byrnes said...

I also like the whole "white elephant" gift scenario. Both involve a lot of discomfort for the persons in the room. Cute post.