Monday, April 19, 2010


I am not a fan of paperwork. Last week I had "paperwork day".

This is my desk before paperwork day. Most of that stuff is junk mail. Yuk.

This is my desk after paperwork day. Whatever happened to the Paper Reduction Act? Wasn't that a law or something? But I digress.

DH works for Apple. So we were well into the hoopla of the launch of the iPad. One of the features of the iPad is an electronic book. You can actually "flip" the pages like a real book. It would certainly cut down on paper and may have a future! :-)

There is one "real paper" book I cannot give up for an electronic version - my old Bible. An electronic Bible cannot replace the margin notes, the memories of the Bible studies, the life lessons on those pages. It is just too precious. The Word of God is written for all. My Bible makes those lessons and words personal. No, I won't be "flipping" the pages on an iPad - I will be turning the pages of an old school Bible.


Jan said...

Such a clean desk...hope it lasts!
I have a sewing room that when it is clean looks lovely. However doing any work in there makes it messy.
That's the stuff of life I think.

Wanda said...

Oh my I hate paperwork has well. Good job on the clean up. I did to do that has well. You know I still prefer a hand held book over flipping pages electronically.

Raquel Byrnes said...

The first photo looks like my husbands workspace. He claims his piles are in ascending chronological order though...kinda true.

Ellie said...

Wow, you really swept away the clutter! Great job~ Can you come visit me...tee,hee

I love technology, but I love real books and going to libraries. No matter, how much they improve it; I still will want the real thing.

Though I am tempted I did see the new Ipad and it is very well done!

Gregg said...

I just can't give up books. I don't have a kindle, or an ipad or even books on computers disks. I know I can buy libraries for relatively little money. But there is nothing like holding a book, smelling a book, writing in the book as you underline meaningful passages, notes, to remember, qeustons to researh, arguing with the author. Like you said especially the bible.

No, I wil not get rid of my books, they are my friends.

Grammy said...

Looks kind of like my computer desk sometimes. I file my papers about every two weeks. I try to shred stuff as it comes in that needs to be done.
About once a month my desk is clean for a couple of days. Ha.

Tori Cooper said...

:-D The first pic is what my desk looks like right now! I need to organize all those papers... :-) Not too much familiar with using ipads or ibooks... so I would feel the same about paperback and my bible!