Monday, April 2, 2012


necessitating courage and daring; challenging: 

Above is the dictionary definition I found - among others.  I just liked this one best.  Bold can be courageous - standing up to the mean bad guy.  Bold can be daring - trying something new.  Bold might mean dealing with a challenge.  

It can also mean boldly standing firm - when it would be easier to cut and run.  Staying put, feet firmly planted, knowing that no matter what, you will stick to it - stay the course.  

Too many people, when the going gets tough, go.  Get away.  Leave.  After all, isn't life about what makes you happy? And if you aren't happy, go find happiness.  

I disagree.  Life is about many things - but not chiefly about my happiness.  That is a bit of a bold statement in itself.  So bring on the challenges.  I want to meet them with courage and daring - with boldness! 

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