Saturday, June 7, 2008

You can go home again!

Today we went home. Sort of. We visited the house where I grew up in Dallas. Mother and Daddy bought the house around 1953 or 1954. We sold it to some friends, Mike and Cindy on the right in the picture, in 1990. They have now sold the house and are moving two streets north. As with so many homes in the north Dallas area, the house will be torn down to make way for a McMansion - hopefully a pretty one!

Above: Chris, Catherine, me and Don, Cindy and Mike

So we walked through the house, reminisced, laughed, and told stories. Current owner Mike has been in and out of the house since he was in 8th grade as his parent's lived behind Mother and Daddy. So between us, we have 54 years of history. Mike and Cindy made very few changes to the house. I have a couple of pictures to post (that are in Chris' camera) of the original (1949) pink tile bathroom! We joke that it finally came back in style. It was great fun to walk back through history. We are amazed that a builder can take this home and tear it down, yet understand the costs involved in restoration and updating. Mike and Cindy are saving the beautiful metal plaque with the address on it (just between me and Don) to give to the new owners of the new house.

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Anne said...

Thanks for sharing the picture and experience. Everyone looks great. I am glad no tears were shed! Wish the kids and I could have been there with you!!! Anne