Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Call in the Pros

This oriental rug was purchased when we lived on Guam from 1976 to 1980. It is made in China and very soft. It has been in our living room, dining room, and is currently residing in our bed room. Since we have wood floors, it is a great asset and accent. This was, however, an afterthought - we put the rug in the room after we moved in and had done all the painting. We chose a beautiful green for the bedroom walls that does not go with the rug (refer to picture on right). So now begins the great debate - what color do we choose? Don and I have made at least 3 trips to the paint stores (we cannot even stick with one store) and brought home a variety of colors, some of which have already been painted over by other colors. Please understand that the example in the picture is just one of many similar places on the bedroom wall. It is really quite disturbing.

Why are we doing this? I really have no idea since we have in our very own family an Interior Designer. I know this because I helped pay for the undergraduate degree and the Master's Degree. And she has earned her NCIDQ. In a moment of clarity (which was hard to find considering the rather catastrophic bedroom walls), I called said family member and asked her to please pick a paint color - any color - and I will paint the walls no questions asked. I hope she comes very soon. Post painting pictures will be posted - later.


Catherine Harvey said...

I still like the original color (the largest swatch). it would add some drama and it's a very pretty color. What do i know though.

DesignKat said...

Ok, Mama W, my vote is also for the largest paint swatch color. It is a great color...very rich. I also like the light beige color (off to the right) but only as an accent. Too much of that would turn the space bland, I think.

So there you have it...2 out of 2 designers agree. ha-ha