Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wind and Rain

"Climb up my rain barrel; slide down my cellar door. And we'll be jolly friends, forevermore!" Child's nursery song

We are in our second day of high wind. There is no point in picking up the patio furniture until this is over - it will just blow over again. It has also turned rather warm - and there has been no rain for several days.

About a month ago, Don and I decided to try a rain barrel for our new back yard landscaping. After all, it is going to get even hotter and drier and we wanted to water our plants even after the City of McKinney told us to stop watering. Hence the rain barrel. Don ordered one from a website, one with scratches 'cause we didn't care. The first rain filled it up! So he ordered another one and linked them together. We now have 105 gallons of rain water ready - or we will when it rains again. WOW! While we are not exactly the "green homeowners of the year", we are trying to do a little. They are sort of hidden at the end of the patio. It is great fun to fill up the watering can and give the flowers a drink of harvested rainwater. We feel so very earth friendly!

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Kelly said...

Kudos to you!!! Yeah, you did it. I'm glad your reaping the results of Mother Nature and having a 'barrel' of fun while doing it!