Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Games at Whit's End

This weeks game is called the Grocery Game! It might be hard to identify everything in the picture that was purchased at Kroger - so here goes: 1 package chicken thighs, 2 cans Hormel white chicken in water, cherries, green beans, watermelon, tomatoes, Boston lettuce, 1 case water (Aquafina), Tide 100 oz., and 2 Ocello sponges. All of this should have cost $54.99. Instead it cost $31.74. I can live with that savings!

So how do you play the Grocery Game? I learned from a friend at work who conducted a class. It takes a little work and a little time; the savings are well worth it. There is a website that is worth a preview look: www.thegrocerygame.com. For more information, please e-mail me. I would be happy to write you back or get one-on-one or do a class. It is great fun, and I am able to pass along savings or food items that I have gotten for next to nothing to the children.

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tinamarr02 said...

Way to go Linda! Okay so this week we got ANOTHER free glucose monitor (my husband just thinks free stuff is cool - we are looking for a place to donate) and free band-aids. These were the only two "purchases" I paid nothing and Walgreens actually GAVE ME 9 cents!