Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Not the Typical Grandmother Part 2

Mother of grandson has decided to make her own baby food. I did this once. Back in the early 80's. It was spinach. I managed to blow it out of the blender onto me, the ceiling, and the walls. Hello Gerber. Dear Daughter (DD) is more organized, so I will help her. Yesterday I did peaches and apples. After washing the apples, I cut them in half and steamed them in a large pot. When they were soft, I scooped out the seeds, scraping really close to the skin 'cause the color is pretty. Meanwhile, I had cut up some peaches and cooked them in a little tiny bit of water. From that point the method is the same: Into the blender, then into a strainer, then into the ice cube trays to be frozen. Meanwhile, the apples drained off a little fresh apple juice, which I gave to Cason in his first sippy cup! Fun day!

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