Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Not the Typical Grandmother Part 1

One day I was telling friend Eileen that I loved to blog. (Not that it is obvious since the last post was when Cason was born.) Eileen responded that I was so not the typical grandmother. I think this is a good thing - what is a not so typical grandmother? For that matter, what is typical? I never knew my grandparents. All of my clues came from aunts and uncles who had grandchildren, and from my own mother when my children were growing up.

Friend Kathy has the perfect not so typical mother/grandmother to her children. My own children are in awe of Cutie. Why? First the name. No Nanna or Grammy here.
Cutie! How awesome. Second, Cutie went out 4-wheeling with her grandkids. My own children held that event in such awe that I made a mental note: 4-wheel with the grandchildren when they arrive.

So now I am on a quest to find out what it means to be not so typical - 'cause that is what I want to be! Any ideas out there in blogger land?

The pictures were taken in Cason's nursery in the rocker that belonged to my grandmother. I suppose she rocked her children in it. My mother used it to rock us, and I used it to rock my babies. How fitting that it is being passed down the generations!

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