Friday, August 29, 2008

A clean plane and a new beginning

As Don landed on Thursday, August 28, and taxied to the terminal, he was met by two fire trucks. They began spraying water as Don taxied under the arches. This was the final salute in Don's Continental Airlines career. He is now officially retired. WOW! Way to go Don!


Catherine Harvey said...

Yea! This looks so fun. I hope you had great fun in your career Dad!

Bobby said...

how exciting. i had no idea you were retiring this soon. i hear the golf course calling. i hope you don't get slammed with the linda honey do's. i wish i would have gotten to ride with you at least once. oh well. gettin ready to be a grandpa will be a full time adventure. congrats on a great career and i am glad you finally got to fly a clean plane.