Thursday, November 26, 2009

Better look quick

Because I don't know when you will see this again. In the photo: Chris, me, Cay, and Mike. Yes, me. In a Turkey Trot t-shirt. What you cannot see is the other 36, 996 people who showed up today to walk (or trot, or even run) to benefit the YMCA. And it was fun! There were several bands playing and singing along the way, lots of strollers and dogs and families walking together. Our group was actually 8 strong, though 2 of the participants decided to run - silly girls. As soon as we got to the finish line (no running through ribbon with our hands in the air) we headed to Cat's house for turkey and much more food than can even be described here. Yum. Then we played Back Seat Drawing. Absolutely hilarious. Now it is time for bed.


Catherine Harvey said...

Great job, y'all! Will this be a new Thanksgiving tradition???

Journaling Woman said...

Maaaan I want to do that. But it would mean losing a few pounds but mostly getting up from this computer to work and train. I admire you!