Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Winter Storm

Tip: Be prepared!

We were hardly prepared for two snow events in the month of March - and in the same week! This is a scene from our backyard this afternoon at 3:30. The big white blobs are the "snow flakes" - they are huge!

Fortunately, last Sunday I had decided to decide on menus for the week. That took us through Tuesday. (Would you believe a short week?) Cay cooked last night, and tonight it is pizza. Luckily Don went to the store early today before the snow and got the bake at home kind of pizza. I was so glad I didn't have to cook and could play in the snow instead. One of these weeks I really am going to plan the menus then share them with everyone. Meanwhile, tonight it is a fire and LOST!

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Catherine Harvey said...

we too are having a fire and Lost tonight- i just posted that on my blog! your backyard looks great snowy. Too bad we only have 1 snow day a year- although we would probably get tired of it if there were too many more.