Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sinks and Sweet Potatoes

Tip of the Week: Always scrub out the kitchen sink before going to bed.

Last week, Don and I were invited to sub-in at a gourmet group dinner. Our assignment was to make bourbon-mashed sweet potatoes. Simple enough. First the sweet potatoes are baked on a cookie sheet until done. I put them in the oven, told Don to take them out when the timer rang, and went shopping with my daughter. Got home, took a nap, and started assembling the sweet potatoes. Uh, oh, they were not exactly done. No problem. I peeled them and started microwaving them. For some reason it took two small bowls and a plate to accomplish this. Potatoes then went into a large bowl with bourbon, brown sugar and a little salt. Started the mixer, and uh, oh again. There was hard lumps where there should have been whipped potatoes. The kitchen now smells like Lynchburg, Tennessee. No problem about the lumps - into a sauce pan they go for a little stove top finish. Slow cooking in all that bourbon to steam those pesky lumps did the trick - almost. To assure a perfect product, a little time in the food processor should smooth everything out (pun intended). Then, back into the large bowl, add some heavy cream, beat, and into the ceramic container. Finished by 7:28, due at the party at 7:30 - perfect.

Except for the kitchen sink. Let's count the pieces of kitchen equipment used: 1 cookie sheet, 2 small bowls, 1 small plate, assorted spoons, assorted measuring cups, 1 large bowl, 1 sauce plan, 1 food processor, 1 pair beaters, and a ceramic casserole dish. All of that equipment got dumped in the sink as Don and I headed out the door. When we got home, I broke the rule above and went straight to bed. Little did I know that youngest daughter was coming home with a friend - and you already know what they saw in the kitchen! What a mess. From now on, I must obey my own tips!

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Catherine Harvey said...

I had a similar experience trying to make autumn squash soup- except when i put it in the blender it wasn't nearly cooked enough so then i just had tiny hard chunks... and orange all over my kitchen. i can totally relate to leaving the dishes in the sink overnight!